ADAC data extra circumstances: Catalyst theft: Is your automobile mannequin additionally affected?

The ADAC breakdown helpers have been known as 1,038 occasions final 12 months due to stolen catalytic converters – considerably extra usually than in earlier years.

Older automobiles with petrol engines, by which the catalytic converter is well accessible in the midst of the automobile flooring, are notably affected, the affiliation stated in Munich. The thieves would have focused the costly treasured metals reminiscent of platinum, palladium and rhodium within the catalytic converters.

In 2018, the ADAC street patrol needed to prove 77 occasions due to stolen catalytic converters, and 169 occasions the next 12 months. In 2020, 420 stolen Kats have been counted, in 2021 it was 959.

“Apparently, the circumstances for thieves in older Opel Astra, Toyota Prius and VW Polo show to be notably favorable,” stated the ADAC. In newer automobiles, the catalytic converter is mounted near the engine in order that it may possibly attain working temperature extra rapidly after the beginning, and is far more troublesome to take away.

With out exhaust gasoline cleansing, the vehicles are considerably louder and in addition lose their working license. “They should be transported to the workshop on the trailer. A substitute, together with set up, prices as much as 1000 euros, and considerably extra for some fashions.”